The succesful swedish group Mando Diao share with us some of their thoughts about the coronavirus and the current situation Having an interview nowadays means talking most completely about coronavirus. It doesn’t seems the most exciting thing in the world but we do it with the same or more joy when we can talk with […]

A little less than a week ago we commented that we were close to being able to enjoy a new project by the American artist Childish Gambino. What had been a surprise launch on a mysterious page called DonaldGloverPresents.com was removed a few hours after its publication and even the artist’s manager twitter account was […]

It was one of the most anticipated releases. After the tremendous success of her first album of which she had already achieved the category of pop diva, Dua Lipa‘s next project was her fireproof test to discover if we were dealing with a long-distance artist or a “one hit wonder” one. The album is out […]

Nothing more and nothing less than its 50th  anniversary. The Glastonbury festival held in the small town of Pilton is an already historic event preparing for one of its most special years. However, the event planned between the days of June 24th and 28th has decided to cancel the event due to the uncertainty generated […]

We continue commenting on new releases of national artists and this time we go to Castellón to talk about rapper Miserable. We are heading into some of the most prolific months in terms of releases in the music scene and this emerging artist points to the top of the wave with a production that comes […]

13 are the seconds that a female orgasm can last, although some are even longer. The powerful artist from Barcelona Marina Tuset only needs 13 Seconds to convince you of her good rhythm and style. Slow but flammable, the reggae rhythm that this new theme applies is simply contagious. A proposal as simple and elegant […]

Now that we are all bored in quarantine, it’s a great time to take advantage of doing those things we never had time for, don’t you think? Among those things are listening to those albums that you have been putting off for months and those others that your friends passed to you and you said […]

We have to confess it, we were a little envious. We saw many others sites with their podcasts and we could not avoid feeling that we were already taking time to get on the radio format bandwagon. For this reason, we have taken advantage of this quarantine situation to encourage ourselves and move forward with […]

A little less than a month ago we regretted the cancellation of the new professional music and innovation Xside meeting due to concerns that a mysterious virus was being unleashed in China. Just a week ago, the same problem ended the illusion of many because of the cancellation of Ultra Music Festival and putting it […]

Do not worry, we understand you. Who would stay up the early morning from Sunday to Monday to see the Grammys? Having overcome the hangover of the awards and with enough time in between to mature the gala, here we tell you some of its most outstanding details. There is no doubt that the gala’s […]

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